Basics of Automation Testing

Basics of Automation Testing

Basics of Automation Testing, What a Automation Testing?, Types of Test Automation, Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing, and Automation Test Tools. Manual Testing Tutorial Manual Testing Video Manual Testing Material Download Link Selenium Online Training by G C Reddy This document (basics of automation testing) is useful for people who want to learn automation … Read more

Introduction to Automated Testing

  Introduction to Automated Testing Software Testing can be done in 2 ways, 1) Manual Testing 2) Automated Testing or Test Automation Note: Now a days Software not only for Computers, and also for Mobile devices. Advantages of Test Automation 1) Fast: Test Tool is faster in Test Execution than Human Users 2) Reliable: Test … Read more

Software Testing Tools

Software Testing Tools Software Test Tools are used to automate Software Test process. Using Testing Tools we can execute Tests quickly, We have various Test Tools available in the IT industry to support different types of Testing (Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile Testing Etc…). Note: We have so many Software Test Tools available in the … Read more

Types of Software Test Tools

Types of Software Test Tools We have several Test Tools available in the IT industry, we can segregate them in to three categories. i) Vendor Tools Some Companies (Ex: HP, IBM etc…) develop Test tools for commercial use, they sell license and provide technical support to their customers. Advantages of using Vendor Tools: • Vendor … Read more