Banking Domain Fundamentals

Banking Domain Fundamentals

Banking Domain Fundamentals, Banking Domain Knowledge for Software Testers, Types of Banking Software, and Important functionalities of Banks. Banking Domain Knowledge for Business Analysts, Software Developers, and Software Testers. Index Introduction Primary Functions of Banks Secondary Functions of Banks Types of Banks Type of Bank Accounts Types of Bank Loans Banling Software Applications Banking Interview … Read more

Interview Questions on Banking Domain

Banking Domain

Manual Testing Full Video SQL Full Video Python Full Video Java Full Video Selenium Complete Videos Interview Questions on Banking Domain, Types of Banks, Types of bank Accounts, Banking Products, banking primary functions, and Banking Terms. Banking Domain Fundamentals 1. What is Banking? In general terms, the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned … Read more

Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers

Banking Domain Basics

Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers, What is Banking, Types of Banks, Types of Bank Accounts, Types of Banking Products, and Banking Terms. Banking Domain Basics for Software Testers What is Domain? It is an area, IT industry point view it is project’s business area, example: BFSI, ERP, ECommerce, Healthcare, Telecom and Retail Market etc… Domain … Read more

Banking Projects

Banking Projects Descriptions for Resumes 1) Project Name: eSmartBanker (Banking Product from Ram Informatics, Hyderabad India) —————— eSmartBanker is a complete web based and centralised banking solution covering all the functions of a bank. It supports multi currency transactions and all types of delivery channels. The product has been developed using open, industry standard, proven … Read more