Java Keywords and Identifiers

Java Keywords and Identifiers

Java Keywords and Identifiers, Java Language Fundamentals, Java Programming Syntax, Writing Java Statements and writing Java Code blocks. Keywords and Identifiers in Java Introduction: Java keywords are also known as reserved words. Keywords are particular words that act as a key to a code. These are predefined words by Java so they cannot be used … Read more

Java Tutorial For Beginners – Syllabus

Java Tutorial

Java Tutorial For Beginners – Syllabus, Core Java Programming Environment, Java Language Fundamentals, and Java Object oriented Programming. The primary purpose of Java is Software Development, and it is also used for Software Testing (Automated Testing). Java can be used in Selenium for Automated Functional Testing, in Appium for Mobile Testing, in RFT for Functional … Read more

Usage of Java in Selenium

java for selenium

Usage of Java Programming in Selenium Java is a general purpose programming language as well as Software platform. Java as Programming Language – To develop Software Applications (JDK include JRE, JVM) Java as Software Platform – To provide Run-time Environment (JRE include JVM)) Java has 3 Important Parts / 3 Important Editions 1) Java Standard … Read more