Python Variables

Python Variables

Python Variables, Creating Python Variables, Assigning Values to Variables, Variable Types in Python, Global and Local Variables in Python. Variables in Python What is a Variable? • Variable is a named memory location to store the temporary data within a program. • We have two types of memory in a computer environment (Temporary Memory- RAM … Read more

Introduction to Python Programming Language

Python Step by Step Videos

Introduction to Python Programming Language, What is Python?, Key features of Python Language, Implementation of Python, Applications of Python Programming, Python Development Environment Setup, and Drawbacks of Python Language. Introduction to Python Programming 1. What is Python? 2. Key features of Python Language 3. Implementation of Python 4. Applications of Python 5. Python Environment Setup … Read more

Use of Programming for Selenium

Programming for Selenium

Programming Knowledge for Software Testing: Conducting Software Testing: Software Testing can be conducted in two ways, 1) Manual Testing, and 2) Automated Testing or Test Automation. No programming knowledge is required for Manual Testing, but for Automated Testing, especially for Functional Automated Testing. For Functional Test Automation we use different tools like UFT, Selenium, RFT, … Read more