Selenium Environment Setup

Selenium Environment Setup

Selenium Test Environment Setup, Choose Software, Install Eclipse IDE, Download & Install Java, Add Selenium jar file to the Java Project. Selenium Test Environment Setup Selenium is not an all-inclusive test tool, it requires third-party frameworks & plugins to broaden the scope of testing. So first choose Selenium Tools and Other Software for Testing. Example: … Read more

Selenium The Beginning

Selenium The Beginning i) What is Selenium? ii) Selenium Components / Selenium’s Tool Suite iii) Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium iv) Selenium Environment Setup —————————— i) What is Selenium? • Selenium is a Suite of Software Tools to automate Web Browsers. (Selenium is not a single tool like UFT, RFT, SilkTest etc…, It is a … Read more

Introduction to Selenium Part 2

selenium tutorial

Introduction to Selenium Part 2 4) Selenium Supporting Environments 5) Selenium License 6) Testing Frameworks and Other tools used in Selenium 7) Selenium Environment Setup 8) Advantages of Selenium 9) Disadvantages of selenium 10) Selenium Versus UFT ————————————————- 4) Selenium Supporting Environments a) Operating Environment MS Windows Linux Macintosh Apple OX b) Application Environment i) … Read more