Advantages and Drawbacks of Selenium

Advantages and Drawbacks of Selenium

Advantages and Drawbacks of Selenium, What is Selenium?, Features of Selenium, Selenium License, Real-time challenges for Selenium Test Tool. Selenium is not an all-inclusive test tool, it requires some third party plug-ins and frameworks in order to broaden the scope of testing. Selenium’s official web site is ‘, we have to download Selenium software from … Read more

Page Object Model in Selenium

Page Object Model in Selenium

Page Object Model in Selenium, Create Object Repositories in Selenium, Advantages of Page Object Model, and reuse elements in Selenium Test Cases. Page Object is a Design Pattern that has become popular in test automation for enhancing test maintenance and reducing code duplication. A page object is an object-oriented class that serves as an interface … Read more

An Overview of Selenium

Selenium Tutorial

An Overview of Selenium, What is Selenium?, Features of Selenium, Selenium History, Selenium Components, and Selenium Automation Framework. Selenium Overview 1. What is Selenium? 2. Features of Selenium 3. Selenium History 4. Selenium Components / Selenium’s Tool Suite 5. Platforms supported by Selenium 6. Advantages of Selenium 7. Drawbacks of Selenium 8. Selenium Test Environment … Read more

Selenium Course Brochure

Selenium Course Brochure, Selenium WebDriver Tutorial, Java Programming for Selenium, TestNG testing framework for Selenium, and Selenium Automation Framework. Selenium Course Brochure Download Manual Testing Material Download Modules in Selenium Training  I. Introduction. II. Java Programming for Selenium III. Selenium WebDriver IV. TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium V. Selenium Project VI. Selenium Automation Framework Selenium … Read more

Selenium Features

Advantages and Drawbacks of Selenium

Selenium Features, Selenium is an Open source tool, Selenium is cross-platform, Selenium is portable, and Selenium supports Parallel testing. According to Selenium official web site ( Selenium automates browsers, > Selenium primary purpose is Testing of Web Applications, > Selenium also supports Automating Web-based administration tasks, Features of Selenium 1. Selenium is used for Functional … Read more

Important things in Selenium

selenium tutorial

Important things in Selenium Important things in Selenium, Web Elements or HTML Elements, Actions on the web elements, inspecting elements, locating elements, and Selenium WebDriver methods. Handling Elements in Selenium i. Web Elements and actions on the Elements ii. Inspect Elements and get Element Locators iii. Selenium WebDriver Methods iv. Programming concepts i. Web Elements … Read more

Use of Programming for Selenium

Programming for Selenium

Programming Knowledge for Software Testing: Conducting Software Testing: Software Testing can be conducted in two ways, 1) Manual Testing, and 2) Automated Testing or Test Automation. No programming knowledge is required for Manual Testing, but for Automated Testing, especially for Functional Automated Testing. For Functional Test Automation we use different tools like UFT, Selenium, RFT, … Read more

Selenium Detailed Tutorials

selenium tutorial

1.0 Introduction to Selenium 1.1 What is Selenium? 1.2 History of the Selenium Project 1.3 Selenium Components/Selenium’s Tool Suite 1.4 Platforms supported by Selenium 1.5 Selenium License 1.6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium 1.7 Software used for Selenium Testing 2.0 Selenium Testing Process 2.1 Test Planning Phase in Selenium Test Process

Selenium Online Training

Video 1 – Introduction to Selenium, Software Test Life Cycle (What is Selenium?, History of Selenium Project, Selenium Components, Selenium License, Selenium Integration with Other Tools, Selenium License, Advantages & Drawbacks of Selenium, Selenium vs. UFT and Selenium Environment Setup. ) Video 2 – Selenium Test Life Cycle, Java for Selenium (Selenium Test Life Cycle, Selenium … Read more

Introduction to Selenium

Introduction to Selenium 1) Selenium is a suite of Software tools to automate Web Browsers. Selenium is not a single tool like UFT /QTP or RFT or SilkTest, it is a set of tools, but we no need to use all Selenium tools for any project. We chn choose one or two Selenium tools for … Read more