Selenium Syllabus

Selenium Tutorial

Prerequisites to learn Selenium What to learn for Selenium Testing? Selenium Syllabus, Selenium Fundamentals, Java for Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium, and Selenium Automation Framework.  Select Selenium Tool/s, Programming Language to write Test Scripts, and TestNG Framework as Test Runner. Selenium Suite of Tools/Selenium Componentsi) Selenium IDEii) Selenium RCiii) Selenium WebDriveriv) Selenium … Read more

Learn Selenium in a Structured Way

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Learn Selenium in a Structured Way, Select Selenium Tool/s and other plugins & frameworks, Selenium Test Environment, Locate HTML /Web Elements and perform actions on the elements using Selenium WebDriver methods. Enhance Test Cases using programming concepts, Testing framework annotations, and Selenium Automation Framework implementation. Learn Selenium in a Structured Way: First  select Selenium Tool/s and … Read more

How To Learn Selenium?

Learn Selenium… 1) What is Selenium? 2) Prerequisites for Selenium Testing 3) Select Selenium Tools and Others for Automated Testing 4) Java for Selenium 5) Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid 6) TestNG Testing Framework 7) Maven, Jenkins, and Others 8) Selenium Automation Framework ————————————————– 1) What is Selenium? > Selenium is a suite of Software Tools … Read more