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Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

Introduction to Selenium Introduction to Selenium Components or Tool’s Suite, Features of Selenium WebDriver, Drawbacks of Selenium IDE, Advantages of selenium Grid, and Functional Automated Testing using Selenium Tool 1) What is Selenium? 2)...

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Selenium Course Syllabus

 Selenium Course Syllabus Prerequisites to learn Selenium 1) What is Selenium? 2) Select Selenium Tool/s and Other Software for Testing 3) Programming (Java) for Selenium 4) Selenium WebDriver 5) Unit Testing Framework (TestNG)...

Selenium Syllabus

Selenium Syllabus

What to learn for Selenium Testing? Select Selenium Tool/s, Programming Language to write Test Scripts and TestNG Framework as Test Runner. Selenium Suite of Tools/Selenium Componentsi) Selenium IDEii) Selenium RCiii) Selenium WebDriveriv) Selenium Grid...