An Overview of Selenium

Selenium Tutorial

An Overview of Selenium, What is Selenium?, Features of Selenium, Selenium History, Selenium Components, and Selenium Automation Framework. Selenium Overview 1. What is Selenium? 2. Features of Selenium 3. Selenium History 4. Selenium Components / Selenium’s Tool Suite 5. Platforms supported by Selenium 6. Advantages of Selenium 7. Drawbacks of Selenium 8. Selenium Test Environment … Read more

Selenium Tutorial for Beginners

selenium tutorial

Selenium Tutorial for Beginners, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Java for Selenium, TestNG for Selenium, and Selenium Automation Framework. I (G C Reddy),  selected Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Eclipse IDE, Java Programming, TestNG Testing Framework, and Selenium Hybrid Framework for the Automated Test Environment. Selenium Certification Programs are Invalid. Selenium Tutorial for Beginners Module 1: Introduction … Read more

Selenium Interview Questions on Writing Test Cases

selenium tutorial

Selenium Interview Questions on Writing Test Cases, prerequisites to create test cases, POM in Selenium, and Selenium Automation Framework. Writing Selenium Test Cases. 1. What is Selenium Licence? Selenium runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems. It is open-source software released under the Apache License 2.0. The primary objective of the Apache 2.0 license … Read more

Selenium Features

selenium tutorial

Selenium Features, Selenium is an Open source tool, Selenium is cross-platform, Selenium is portable, and Selenium supports Parallel testing. According to Selenium official web site ( Selenium automates browsers, > Selenium primary purpose is Testing of Web Applications, > Selenium also supports Automating Web-based administration tasks, Features of Selenium 1. Selenium is used for Functional … Read more

1. Introduction to Selenium

selenium tutorial

Introduction to Selenium Introduction to Selenium Automated Testing, Operating Systems supported by Selenium, Browsers supported by Selenium and Programming platforms supported by Selenium. Selenium Versions Information, Selenium License Objective and Software Components used for Selenium Testing. Note: Official website of Selenium is, We can download Selenium Software from this website and get Selenium Documentation. … Read more

1.0 Introduction to Selenium

Selenium Tutorial

Introduction to Selenium Automated Testing using Selenium: Test Level: System Testing (we have four levels of Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System testing and Acceptance Testing. Independent Testers (Software Testers) use Selenium for System Testing Level.) Test Type: Functional Testing (In System Testing Level we have several Test Types, ex: Functional Testing and Non Functional … Read more

Selenium Online Training Video 2

Video 2 – Selenium Test Life Cycle, Java for Selenium. I) Selenium Test Process 1) Test Planning 2) Generate Basic Tests/Test Cases 3) Enhance Test Cases 4) Run & Debug Test Cases 5) Analyze Test Result and Report Defects 1) Test Planning Get Environment (UI Design and Database) details from Development team Analyze the AUT … Read more