Locating Elements

Locating Elements

Locating Elements in Selenium, Inspect web elements, locate web elements using unique locators, perform actions on elements using WebDriver methods. Locating Web/HTML Elements One of the most fundamental techniques to learn when using WebDriver is how to find elements on the page. WebDriver offers a number of built-in selector types. An important task in Automated … Read more

Important things in Selenium

selenium tutorial

Important things in Selenium Important things in Selenium, Web Elements or HTML Elements, Actions on the web elements, inspecting elements, locating elements, and Selenium WebDriver methods. Handling Elements in Selenium i. Web Elements and actions on the Elements ii. Inspect Elements and get Element Locators iii. Selenium WebDriver Methods iv. Programming concepts i. Web Elements … Read more

Selenium WebDriver Quick Tutorial

Selenium WebDriver Quick Tutorial i) Introduction to Selenium WebDriver ii) Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup iii) Web Elements and Operations iv) Element Locators v) WebDriver API Commands ————————————- i) Introduction to Selenium WebDriver > Selenium WebDriver is a programming Interface, no IDE > Selenium WebDriver supports various Programming Languages to write programs (Test Scripts) > Selenium … Read more