Popular Test Tools in 2021

Popular Test Tools in 2021

Popular Software Test Tools in 2021, Selenium, TestComplete, Appium, Cucumber, Katalon Studio, SoapUI, Postman, JMeter, Bugzilla, and Jira. Popular Software Test Tools in 2021 1. Selenium (Tool for Functional Test Automation) It is an open-source automated testing framework used to test web applications across different browsers and operating environments. It supports functional testing at the … Read more

Software Test Tools Quiz

Software Test Tools Quiz

Software Test Tools Quiz, Functional Testing Tools, Performance Testing Tools, Mobile Testing Tools, and API & Web Service Testing Tools. Software Test Tools Quiz 1) Appium doesn’t support……? a) Mobile Native Applications b) Mobile Hybrid Applications c) Mobile Web Applications d) Computer Web Applications 2) …….Supports Web Services Testing? a) Selenium b) SilkTest c) Postman … Read more

Selenium Vs. UFT/QTP

Selenium vs UFT

Selenium Vs UFT/QTP, Selenium is an Open source tool, UFT is a Commercial tool, Selenium supports web testing, and UFT supports Desktop & web testing. Selenium Vs UFT UFT Selenium 1. UFT is a Commercial Test Tool,  supports Functional Testing. 1. Selenium is a suite of Tools, supports Functional Testing. 2. Unified Functional Testing is … Read more

Advantages of Test Automation

Benefits of Automated Testing.

Advantages of Test Automation, Drawbacks of Test Automation, Fast, Test Reusability, Reliability, Programable, and Comprehensive Testing. Test Automation or Automated Testing is a process of Testing Computer Software or Mobile Software using any Software Tool (Test Tool). We have several Test Tools in the IT Industry, They are, 1. Selenium, UFT (formerly QTP), RFT, SilkTest, … Read more

Introduction to Software Testing

Introduction to Software Development and Testing 1) Importance of Software 2) Software Development 3) Software Testing i) Levels of Testing ii) Types of Testing iii) Ways of Testing 1) Importance of Software We have various types of Software in the IT Industry, Nowadays, every business and service require software for conducting their operations (Computerized operations), … Read more

Types of Software Test Tools

Types of Software Test Tools We have several Test Tools available in the IT industry, we can segregate them in to three categories. i) Vendor Tools Some Companies (Ex: HP, IBM etc…) develop Test tools for commercial use, they sell license and provide technical support to their customers. Advantages of using Vendor Tools: • Vendor … Read more