Real Time Scenarios in Software Testing

Software Testing Job Responsibilities

Software Testing Real Time Scenarios, Manual Testing Job Responsibilities, Automated Testing Job Responsibilities, and Selenium Job Roles. Real-Time Scenarios in Software Testing (Manual and Automated Testing) 1. Automated Test Case Scope is High than Manual Test Case. 2. Test Data is not mandatory for every Test Case. 3. Prepare Expected Test Result. 4. Conduct Positive … Read more

Guidelines for Writing Test Cases

Software Test Cases

Guidelines for Writing Test Cases, Software Testing Job Responsibilities, Derive Test Scenarios, Document Test Cases, and Collect Test Data. Writing Test Cases is an important task in software testing, software testing job responsibilities are: Understanding & Analyzing software requirements. Derive Positive & Negative test scenarios. Document test cases. Collect test data. Execute test cases. Analyze … Read more

Manual Testing Lesson 1 – Introduction to Software Testing

Manual Testing Lesson 1 – Introduction to Software Testing i) What is Software Testing? ii) Conducting Software Testing iii) Roles and Responcibilities of Software Testing iv) Overview of Computer and Mobile Software i) What is Software Testing? > Software Testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the … Read more