UFT Class 10

UFT Class 10 (Descriptive Programming Part-2) Descriptive Programming / Programmatic descriptions > What is Descriptive Programming? > Advantages of Descriptive Programming? > Syntax for writing Test Object statements Testobject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Child TestObject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Method or Operation Or Testobject(“Property1Name:=Property1Value”,”Property1Name:=Property1Value”).Child TestObject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Method or Operation Example: Dialog(“text:=Login”).WinButton(“text:=Cancel”).Click > How to select appropriate Properties information for recognizing objects? If the development team follows UI … Read more

UFT Test Process

UFT Class 2 (UFT Test Process) I) Planning Get Environment Details from Development team (UI design technology and Database) and select appropriate Add in for our AUT UI design – for selecting Add ins Database – to create Database Connection string UFT Deployment / Installation Analyzing the AUT in terms Object Identification Select Tests for … Read more