Business Process Testing

UFT Tutorial

Business Process Testing, UFT Tool Fundamentals, Automated Functional Testing using UFT, UFT Automation Framework, and UFT Test Automation. Micro Focus UFT (formerly QTP) is a test tool for automated functional testing, it supports Desktop applications, web applications, and mobile software applications. UFT Business Process Testing Micro Focus Business Process Testing software is an automated and … Read more

UFT Class 19

UFT Class 19 (Inserting Checkpoints Part-2, Inserting Output values) Inserting Checkpoints Part-2 (9) File content checkpoint It checks content of a flat file 10) Page checkpoint It checks number of Links, number of images of a webpage and creating time of the page. 11) Image checkpoint It checks image object properties 12) Table Checkpoint It … Read more

UFT Class 12

UFT Class 12 (Measuring Test Transaction Time) UFT Test Process Enhancing Tests Inserting Transaction Points (Start and End) Using Inserting Transaction Points we can measure Test Transaction. We can measure entire Test transaction Time and Part of the Test Transaction Time. We can insert multiple transaction points in a Test. Services Utility object Syntax: Services.StartTransaction … Read more

UFT Class 8

UFT Class 8 (Types of Statements in UFT Test) Advantages of Recording a) Easy to generate Tests and It is fast b) Scripting knowledge is optional c) It is used to analyze the AUT in terms of object Identification d) It is recommended for short term projects e) It is recommended for dynamically changing UI … Read more

UFT Class 7

UFT Class 7 (Object Repository Part-2, Test Creation in UFT) Why we need to Associate shared Repositories? In order to create and execute Tests manually (Without Recording). -> If it is Recording UFT creates Local repositories and it uses local object Information while test execution. -> If user wants to create tests manually then create … Read more