UFT Class 14

UFT Class 14 (Parameterization Part 2 – Parameterization using Data Table Parameters) 3) Using Data Table Parameters What is Data Table? It is an integrated spread sheet for Data related operations How to launch: View -> Data > Data Table has 2 types of sheets a) Global sheet b) Actions sheets (Local sheets) > Data … Read more

UFT Class 10

UFT Class 10 (Descriptive Programming Part-2) Descriptive Programming / Programmatic descriptions > What is Descriptive Programming? > Advantages of Descriptive Programming? > Syntax for writing Test Object statements Testobject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Child TestObject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Method or Operation Or Testobject(“Property1Name:=Property1Value”,”Property1Name:=Property1Value”).Child TestObject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Method or Operation Example: Dialog(“text:=Login”).WinButton(“text:=Cancel”).Click > How to select appropriate Properties information for recognizing objects? If the development team follows UI … Read more

UFT Class 7

UFT Class 7 (Object Repository Part-2, Test Creation in UFT) Why we need to Associate shared Repositories? In order to create and execute Tests manually (Without Recording). -> If it is Recording UFT creates Local repositories and it uses local object Information while test execution. -> If user wants to create tests manually then create … Read more