UFT Step by Step Tutorials

UFT Step by Step Tutorials

UFT Step by Step Tutorials, UFT Tool Fundamentals, VBScript for UFT, UFT Test Design, UFT Test Execution, and UFT Automation Framework. Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT), formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP), is software that provides functional and regression test automation for desktop, web and mobile software applications. UFT Step by Step Tutorials UFT … Read more

UFT Class 31

UFT Class 31 (VBScript Excel Application Operations Part-2) Excel Application Object (Main Object) Set Variable = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”) ———————————— Excel Workbook Object (Sub Object) Set Variable = ExcelApplicationObject.Workbooks.Add/Open(“File path”) ——————————————– Excel Work sheet object (Sub-sub Object) Set Variable = ExcelWorkBookObject.Worksheets(Sheet id) ——————————————————– Examples: ‘Read data from an excel file and perform data driven testing for login … Read more

UFT Class 26

UFT Class 26 (VBScript Loop Statements Part-2, VBScript Functions Part-1) VBScript Loop Statements Part-2 I) For…Next II) While…Wend III) Do While / Until…Loop a) Using While keyword It repeats a block of statements while condition is True Syntax: 1) Do While Condition Statements ——— ———- Increment/Decrement Loop ——————- Example: OrderNo = 1 Do While OrderNo … Read more

UFT Class 14

UFT Class 14 (Parameterization Part 2 – Parameterization using Data Table Parameters) 3) Using Data Table Parameters What is Data Table? It is an integrated spread sheet for Data related operations How to launch: View -> Data > Data Table has 2 types of sheets a) Global sheet b) Actions sheets (Local sheets) > Data … Read more