UFT Class 31

UFT Class 31 (VBScript Excel Application Operations Part-2) Excel Application Object (Main Object) Set Variable = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”) ———————————— Excel Workbook Object (Sub Object) Set Variable = ExcelApplicationObject.Workbooks.Add/Open(“File path”) ——————————————– Excel Work sheet object (Sub-sub Object) Set Variable = ExcelWorkBookObject.Worksheets(Sheet id) ——————————————————– Examples: ‘Read data from an excel file and perform data driven testing for login … Read more

UFT Class 26

UFT Class 26 (VBScript Loop Statements Part-2, VBScript Functions Part-1) VBScript Loop Statements Part-2 I) For…Next II) While…Wend III) Do While / Until…Loop a) Using While keyword It repeats a block of statements while condition is True Syntax: 1) Do While Condition Statements ——— ———- Increment/Decrement Loop ——————- Example: OrderNo = 1 Do While OrderNo … Read more

UFT Class 14

UFT Class 14 (Parameterization Part 2 – Parameterization using Data Table Parameters) 3) Using Data Table Parameters What is Data Table? It is an integrated spread sheet for Data related operations How to launch: View -> Data > Data Table has 2 types of sheets a) Global sheet b) Actions sheets (Local sheets) > Data … Read more

UFT Training Videos

UFT Step by Step Tutorials UFT Class 1 Video (Introduction to HP UFT (Formerly QTP), UFT Version History, UFT Product Information, UFT/QTP Supported Environment – Operating System Environment, Application and Programming Platform.    UFT Add in Manager, UFT License, UFT Integrated Development Environment, Limitations of UFT and Real Time Challenges of UFT Tool) UFT Class … Read more