VBScript Tutorial 8

VBScript Tutorial 8 (Excel Object Model in VBScript) Excel Application operations using Excel Application Object Excel Application Object: It is used to perform operations on Excel Application. Create Excel Application Object: Set Variable = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”) ———————- Excel Application Excel Workbook / File Excel Worksheet / Sheet Excel File Operations using VBScript Examples: 1) Create an … Read more

UFT Class 31

UFT Class 31 (VBScript Excel Application Operations Part-2) Excel Application Object (Main Object) Set Variable = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”) ———————————— Excel Workbook Object (Sub Object) Set Variable = ExcelApplicationObject.Workbooks.Add/Open(“File path”) ——————————————– Excel Work sheet object (Sub-sub Object) Set Variable = ExcelWorkBookObject.Worksheets(Sheet id) ——————————————————– Examples: ‘Read data from an excel file and perform data driven testing for login … Read more

UFT Class 28

UFT Class 28 (VBScript Built in Functions part-2, Many to Many Comparisons Example) 28) CreateObject Function It creates an automation object in a specified class. Examples: Dim objFso ‘Create File System Object, It is used to work with Drives, folders and files. Set objFso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) Dim obJExcel ‘Create Excel Application object, It is used … Read more