VBScript FileSystemObject Part-2

VBScript FileSystemObject Part-2 1) Write data Continuously in a Text file. Dim objFso, objTextstream, num1, num2, Res num1=10 : num2 =20: Res=num1 + num2 Res2=num1*num2 Set objFso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) Set objTextstream = objFso.OpenTextFile(“C:\Users\G C REDDY\Desktop\abc.txt”, 2) objTextstream.Write “Addition of num1, num2 is: “&Res objTextstream.Write “Multiplication of num1, num2 is: “&Res2 objTextstream.Close Set objTextstream = Nothing … Read more

VBScript Tutorial 7

VBScript Tutorial 7 (VBScript File System Operations Part-2) 6) Create a Text file Note: File System Object is only used for Drives, Folders and Flat files. We can create and delete other types of also, but we can’t perform internal operations like Reading, Writing etc… Dim objFso Set objFso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) objFso.CreateTextFile “C:\Users\gcreddy\Desktop\QTP.txt” objFso.CreateTextFile “C:\Users\gcreddy\Desktop\QTP.doc” … Read more

VBScript Tutorial 6

VBScript Tutorial 6 (VBScript Built in Functions Part-2, File System Operations part-1) I) VBScript Built in Functions Part-2 20) LCase Function Converts Upper case values to lower case. Ex: Dim val val = “HYDERABAD” Msgbox LCase(val) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“HYDERABAD”) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“hyderabad”) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“HYDerabad”) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“HYD123”) ‘hyd123 Msgbox LCase(123) ‘123 —————————- 21) UCase … Read more

UFT Class 29

UFT Class 29 (VBScript File System Operations) > What is Computer File System? It is a feature of Operating System, used to work with Drives, Folders and files. Computer understands things in terms of files only, Computer point of view everything is file. > Examples for File system Operations Create a folder Copy a folder … Read more