Introduction to VBScript

Introduction to VBScript

Introduction to VBScript, What is VBScript?, Scripting Languages vs. Programming Languages, and VBScript Programming Fundamentals. Introduction to VBScript 1. What is VBScript? 2. Scripting Languages versus Programming Languages 3. Usage of VBScript 4. VBScript Fundamentals and Features 1. What is VBScript? Visual Basic Script (VBScript) is a component-based scripting language developed by Microsoft. It is … Read more

VBScript Tutorial 2

VBScript Tutorial 2 (Comments, Data Types and Variables Part-1) i) VBScript Comments Comments are English words; we use comments for Code documentation. Purpose: To make the code readable To make the code disable from execution Syntax: ————- Use ‘ symbol before the statement Use Rem command followed by space ‘Dialog(“Login”).WinEdit(“Agent Name:”).Set “asdf” Dialog(“Login”).WinEdit(“Password:”).SetSecure “555d2f3be286cd5dc51229cfb136d5bf41a13691” Dialog(“Login”).WinButton(“OK”).Click … Read more

UFT Class 26

UFT Class 26 (VBScript Loop Statements Part-2, VBScript Functions Part-1) VBScript Loop Statements Part-2 I) For…Next II) While…Wend III) Do While / Until…Loop a) Using While keyword It repeats a block of statements while condition is True Syntax: 1) Do While Condition Statements ——— ———- Increment/Decrement Loop ——————- Example: OrderNo = 1 Do While OrderNo … Read more

UFT Class 24

UFT Class 24 I) VBScript Operators a) Arithmetic Operators: Arithmetic Operators return value based result. ————————— 1) Exponentiation ^ 2) Multiplication * 3) Division / 4) Integer Division \ 5) Modules mod 6) Addition 7) Subtraction 8) Concatenation ———————- Example: Dim a, b, c a = 10 b = 3 c = a ^ b … Read more

UFT Class 23

UFT Class 23 (VBScript variables, Operators-1) III) VBScript Variables 1) What is Variable? A named memory location to store the data. Two types of Memory in Computer Environment: i) Primary Memory – RAM ii) Secondary Memory – HDD, DVD, USB drives etc… 2) Declaration of Variables Variables can be declared using either Public or Private … Read more