VBScript Conditional Statements

VBScript Conditional Statements

VBScript Conditional Statements, VBScript Language Fundamentals, VBScript Control Flow, VBScript If Statement, and ‘Select Case’ statement. VBScript Conditional Statements 1. Execute a Statement when the condition is True. Syntax: If Condition Then Statement Example: Dim myDate myDate = #10/10/2010# If myDate < Date Then myDate = Date Msgbox myDate myDate = #10/10/2017# If myDate < … Read more

VBScript Tutorial for Beginners

VBScript Tutorial

VBScript Tutorial for Beginners, VBScript Environment, VBScript Language fundamentals, VBScript control flow, and VBScript object models. Introduction: • Visual Basic Scripting Edition is a lightweight language from Microsoft. • VBScript derived from VB Programming language. • VBScript is not a case-sensitive language. • VBScript is a lightweight language and it has fewer formalities for writing … Read more

UFT Class 26

UFT Class 26 (VBScript Loop Statements Part-2, VBScript Functions Part-1) VBScript Loop Statements Part-2 I) For…Next II) While…Wend III) Do While / Until…Loop a) Using While keyword It repeats a block of statements while condition is True Syntax: 1) Do While Condition Statements ——— ———- Increment/Decrement Loop ——————- Example: OrderNo = 1 Do While OrderNo … Read more

UFT Class 25

UFT Class 25 (VBScript Conditional Statements Part-2, VBScript Loop Statements) Usage of VBScript conditional statements 1) Execute a statement when condition is True/Simple if. 2) Execute a block of statements when condition is True. 3) Execute a block of statements when condition is True, otherwise execute another block of statements 4) Decide among several alternates … Read more

UFT Class 13

UFT Class 13 (Parameterization) What is Parameterization? Replacing constant (Fixed) values with parameter is called Parameterization. Purpose of Parameterization Passing single value but different value every time Passing multiple values. What is Data Driven Testing? Testing the same functionality using multiple sets of Test Data. Why Data Driven Testing? For Negative Testing For checking the … Read more