VBScript Excel Object Model

VBScript Excel Object Model It is used to Perform Operations on Excel Application. Excel Application Excel File / Excel Workbook Excel Sheet / Excel Worksheet Create Excel Application Object Syntax: Set variable = CreateObject(“Class value”) example Set objExcel = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”) VBScript Excel Scripting Examples: 1) Create an Excel file Dim objExcel Set objExcel = CreateObject(“Excel.Application”) … Read more

VBScript Tutorial 6

VBScript Tutorial 6 (VBScript Built in Functions Part-2, File System Operations part-1) I) VBScript Built in Functions Part-2 20) LCase Function Converts Upper case values to lower case. Ex: Dim val val = “HYDERABAD” Msgbox LCase(val) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“HYDERABAD”) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“hyderabad”) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“HYDerabad”) ‘hyderabad Msgbox LCase(“HYD123”) ‘hyd123 Msgbox LCase(123) ‘123 —————————- 21) UCase … Read more