VBScript Tutorial

VBScript Tutorial

VBScript Tutorial, Environment, VBScript Syllabus, Variables, Control Flow, Functions, Automation Objects, and Write & Run VBScript Programs. VBScript began as part of the Microsoft Windows Script Technologies, launched in 1996. VBScript (“Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition”) is an Active Scripting language developed by Microsoft that is modeled on Visual Basic VBScript stands for Visual Basic … Read more

VBScript Tutorial for Beginners

VBScript Tutorial

VBScript Tutorial for Beginners, VBScript Environment, VBScript Language fundamentals, VBScript control flow, and VBScript object models. Introduction: • Visual Basic Scripting Edition is a lightweight language from Microsoft. • VBScript derived from VB Programming language. • VBScript is not a case-sensitive language. • VBScript is a lightweight language and it has fewer formalities for writing … Read more

VBScript Tutorial 3:

VBScript Tutorial 3: (VBScript Variables Part-2, Constants, VBScript Operators, Conditional Statements Part-1) iii) Variables 1) What is Variable? 2) Declaration of variables 3) Implicit and Explicit variables. 4) Assigning Values to Variables 5) Purpose of Variables 6) Naming Restrictions ———————– i) Variable names should start with Alfa bytes Ex: Dim abc ‘Correct Dim a12 ‘Correct … Read more

UFT Class 24

UFT Class 24 I) VBScript Operators a) Arithmetic Operators: Arithmetic Operators return value based result. ————————— 1) Exponentiation ^ 2) Multiplication * 3) Division / 4) Integer Division \ 5) Modules mod 6) Addition 7) Subtraction 8) Concatenation ———————- Example: Dim a, b, c a = 10 b = 3 c = a ^ b … Read more

UFT Class 23

UFT Class 23 (VBScript variables, Operators-1) III) VBScript Variables 1) What is Variable? A named memory location to store the data. Two types of Memory in Computer Environment: i) Primary Memory – RAM ii) Secondary Memory – HDD, DVD, USB drives etc… 2) Declaration of Variables Variables can be declared using either Public or Private … Read more

Interview Questions on VBScript Operators

  Interview Questions on VBScript Operators 1) What is an Operator in Computer Programming or in Scripting? A symbol that represents a specific action or operations, we can find operators in all programming and Scripting languages. Ex: + (Addition) – (Subtraction) * (Multiplication) Note: Operators or not only Symbol oriented, some text oriented operators also … Read more