Web Testing Fundamentals

web testing

Introduction Web Testing is not a separate Testing, It is Testing the Web applications. we have a different type of Software Applications, 1) CUI based Applications, 2) Desktop Applications and 3) Web Applications. Nowadays most of the software applications are web-based applications, as a test engineer you need to familiar with the Web Environment first, … Read more

Introduction to Web Applications

Introduction to Web Applications and Web Testing 1) What is Web Application? 2) Types of Web Applications (By Environment) 3) Types of Web Applications (By Business Operations) 4) Introduction to Web Technologies 5) Introduction to Web Services 6) Web Application Testing Checklist —————————————————- 1) What is Web Application? >Web Application (Web App) is an Application … Read more

Web Testing Tutorial

Web Testing Basics 1. Web Functionality: 1.1 Links Check Objective is to check for all the links in the website, are they working correctly or not? 1.1.1 All Internal Links (They redirect another pages or locations in the same Application) 1.1.2 All External Links (They redirect to another Web Applications) 1.1.3 All mail to links … Read more