Web Testing Interview Questions

Web Testing Interview Questions

Web Testing Interview Questions, Web Testing Fundamentals, Web Test Types, Web Test Tools, Web vs. Desktop applications, and Web Security Testing. Interview Questions and Answers on Web Testing Q. What is WWW? The term WWW refers to the World Wide Web or simply the Web. The World Wide Web consists of all the public Web … Read more

Prerequisites to learn Selenium

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Prerequisites to learn Selenium, Software Testing Fundamentals, Automated Testing Fundamentals, Software Programming Fundamentals, SQL / Database Fundamentals, and Web Fundamentals. Prerequisites to Learn Selenium Software Testing can be done in two ways, 1) Manual Testing 2) Automated Testing / Test Automation, No prior knowledge is required to learn Manual Testing, Computer Operating knowledge, Thinking, Reasoning, and … Read more

Web Testing Fundamentals

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Introduction Web Testing is not a separate Testing, It is Testing the Web applications. we have a different type of Software Applications, 1) CUI based Applications, 2) Desktop Applications and 3) Web Applications. Nowadays most of the software applications are web-based applications, as a test engineer you need to familiar with the Web Environment first, … Read more