JMeter Tutorial 1: Introduction to Performance Testing

Introduction to Performance Testing 1) Introduction to Performance Testing i) What is Performance Testing? ii) Types of Performance Testing iii) How to conduct Performance Testing iv) Performance Test Tools v) Performance Test Life Cycle i) What is Performance Testing? It is a Test Type/Software Test Type, > Level of Testing: System Testing > Type of … Read more

Web Application Testing Checklist

Web testing

Web Application Testing Checklist Software Test Types to be conducted on Web Applications, 1) Usability Testing 2) Functional Testing 3) Database Testing 4) Compatibility Testing 5) Security Testing 6) Performance Testing Etc… —————————————— 1) Usability Testing: > Usability Testing is nothing but the Checking User-friendliness of the System, Basically, System Navigation,¬†Alignment of Elements, Tool tips … Read more