Selenium Training Videos

Selenium Videos

Selenium Training Videos on Selenium Fundamentals, Test Automation Fundamentals, Java Programming for Selenium, and Design & Implement Automation Framework. Selenium Training Videos 1) Introduction to Selenium Overview of Selenium, Selenium suite of Tools, Selenium IDE Features, Selenium RC Features, Overview on Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid Features, History of the Selenium Project, Platforms supported by Selenium … Read more

Guidelines for Writing Test Cases

Software Test Cases

Guidelines for Writing Test Cases, Software Testing Job Responsibilities, Derive Test Scenarios, Document Test Cases, and Collect Test Data. Writing Test Cases is an important task in software testing, software testing job responsibilities are, Understanding & Analyzing software requirements. Derive Positive & Negative test scenarios. Document test cases. Collect test data. Execute test cases. Analyze … Read more

Page Object Model in Selenium

Selenium Testing

Page Object Model in Selenium, Create Object Repositories in Selenium, Advantages of Page Object Model, and reuse elements in Selenium Test Cases. Page Object is a Design Pattern that has become popular in test automation for enhancing test maintenance and reducing code duplication. A page object is an object-oriented class that serves as an interface … Read more

Selenium Features

selenium tutorial

Selenium Features, Selenium is an Open source tool, Selenium is cross-platform, Selenium is portable, and Selenium supports Parallel testing. According to Selenium official web site ( Selenium automates browsers, > Selenium primary purpose is Testing of Web Applications, > Selenium also supports Automating Web-based administration tasks, Features of Selenium 1. Selenium is used for Functional … Read more

Selenium Page Object Model

Selenium Testing

Selenium Page Object Model, Creating Object Repositories using Page Object Model, Creating Test Case classes, and reuse & maintain elements. Page Object Model is an Object / Element design pattern to create Object Repositories for web elements We create Object Repositories for reusing objects and centralized maintenance of elements Under this POM container classes for … Read more

Write Selenium Data Driven Test Case

selenium tutorial

Write Selenium Data Driven Test Case Write Selenium Data Driven Test Case, Inspect HTML Elements, Identify unique locators for Web elements, and perform actions on the web elements using Selenium Webdriver methods. Prerequisites for Writing Selenium Test Cases, Manual Test Case, Element Locator for locating elements in web pages, Selenium WebDriver API commands for performing … Read more

Write A Selenium Test Case with Multiple Verification Points

selenium tutorial

Write A Selenium Test Case with Multiple Verification Points Write A Selenium Test Case with multiple verification points, Select Manual test case, Inspect HTML elements, get unique locators for elements, perform actions on the web elements using Selenium WebDriver methods, and enhance the test case using Java programming. Manual Test Case: Verify page redirecting functionality … Read more

Important things in Selenium

selenium tutorial

Important things in Selenium Important things in Selenium, Web Elements or HTML Elements, Actions on the web elements, inspecting elements, locating elements, and Selenium WebDriver methods. Handling Elements in Selenium i. Web Elements and actions on the Elements ii. Inspect Elements and get Element Locators iii. Selenium WebDriver Methods iv. Programming concepts i. Web Elements … Read more

How does Selenium testing tool work?

selenium tutorial

How does Selenium testing tool work? How does Selenium testing tool work?, Selenium test environment setup, Inspecting elements, Locating elements in Selenium, Selenium WebDriver methods, and writing Selenium Test Cases. Selenium automates browsers, primarily it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, and Boring web-based administration tasks can also be automated as well. > … Read more

Software Testing Project

selenium project

Software Testing Project to practice Manual Testing, automated testing using Selenium or UFT.¬† Software Test Requirements, Software Test Scenarios, Software Test Cases, Software Test Execution, and Test Life Cycle Closure. Software Testing Live Project Software Testing Live Project URLs for Practicing, You can use Manual Testing, or Automated Testing for Testing this Project. Software Testing … Read more