UFT Class 13

UFT Class 13 (Parameterization) What is Parameterization? Replacing constant (Fixed) values with parameter is called Parameterization. Purpose of Parameterization Passing single value but different value every time Passing multiple values. What is Data Driven Testing? Testing the same functionality using multiple sets of Test Data. Why Data Driven Testing? For Negative Testing For checking the … Read more

UFT Class 10

UFT Class 10 (Descriptive Programming Part-2) Descriptive Programming / Programmatic descriptions > What is Descriptive Programming? > Advantages of Descriptive Programming? > Syntax for writing Test Object statements Testobject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Child TestObject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Method or Operation Or Testobject(“Property1Name:=Property1Value”,”Property1Name:=Property1Value”).Child TestObject(“PropertyName:=PropertyValue”).Method or Operation Example: Dialog(“text:=Login”).WinButton(“text:=Cancel”).Click > How to select appropriate Properties information for recognizing objects? If the development team follows UI … Read more